South Florida serial bank robber indicted on federal charges

Jorge Cabrera robbed 11 banks, officials say
Posted at 4:37 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 16:49:31-04

MIAMI — A South Florida man was federally indicted Thursday after officials say he went on a four-month bank robbery spree throughout Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

According to the criminal complaint, Jorge Arien Cabrera, 52, of Hialeah, is accused of robbing 11 banks, stealing almost 66 thousand dollars.

Officials said, during each robbery, Cabrera approached the teller window and pressed a handwritten note to the window demanding money and threatening that he had a gun. He would then grab the money and flee the banks.

Officers arrested Cabrera when he was leaving the last bank he had robbed. Officials said he fled officers in his vehicle which led them to his apartment complex.

Officers found Cabrera hiding in the apartment complex fitness center, discarding the clothes he was wearing in the robbery.

He was taken into custody and admitted to robbing each of the 11 banks.

Cabrera faces a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment for each of the 11 counts in the indictment.