Pulse Nightclub Latin Street Party helps Orlando community heal

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jun 23, 2016

Orlando is taking another step in the healing process after 12 days of vigils, prayers, and funerals for the 49 innocent lives taken on June 12th. A Latin Night Street Party organized by Pulse Nightclub brought on a celebration of life near downtown Orlando.

Latin pride, LGBT pride, and Orlando pride filled Thorton Park. It's the celebration Orlando Torres went to Pulse Nightclub for on June 12, that night he went from a nightclub promoter to a survivor.

"God left me here just to be added support, console," said Torres.

Torres says he was in the last group to get rescued. He was couped up with others inside the bathroom the shooter was in.

"The gun man saw my body there and kind of tapped my side," Torres said. "Since I played dead, I didn't nudge or move, he just figured I was dead."

To say the days have been overwhelming is an understatement. After so much grieving, supporters and Orlando natives like Susan Jackson says a street party was a great way to cheer up Orlando.

"I think that's been a good healing process for us and now were ready to celebrate because we have to celebrate the peoples lives that are lost as well," said Jackson.

Bringing back the Latin night was important for Pulse.

"Nothing is going to stop us for Latin night," added Torres.

Torres lost many friends that night. He is grateful to be alive. He says when Pulse reopens, he wants to promote again.

"This is my community, my Latin people which I love," he added.