Marjory Stoneman Douglas hosts first football game since mass shooting

Posted at 10:58 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-08 00:41:36-04

The Stoneman Douglas High football team played their first home game since the valentines day massacre, killing 17 including one of their coaches. 

Leading up to the game, the annual homecoming parade. 

“Everyone is just having a lot of positive vibes,” said a freshman girl at Douglas. “It’s really comfortable here.”

Pride, from parents, alum, and students. 

“Our daughter just started her freshman year. We’re excited to be apart of the community,” said a father. 

“I feel like I never left high school in a sense. I think I have more Douglas shirts now more than ever,” said Jessica Kuczynski, from the class of ‘01.

“It’s really positive. No negativity. We’ve been hoola hooping at lunch,” said another freshman. 

Assistant coach and security guard Aaron Fies there too, behind the east end zone watching over, memorialized. His picture and jersey part of a tribute there. 

He’s credited with saving lives in the freshman hallways on February 14. 

That deadly day is part of their history. 

But so is overcoming. 

Together, through sport and tradition-they balance the two. 

“It’s absolutely amazing just to see how the family has come together 20 plus years later and we still come and unite as an Eagle,” said Jessica. 

In a fitting end, MSD won the game by 17 points. 

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