Marco Rubio wins re-election to U.S. Senate, supporters elated by election results

Posted: 4:57 AM, Nov 09, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-09 04:57:28-05

Marco Rubio started out 2016 running for president, but ended the year re-elected to the U.S. Senate. 

"Let me first start by saying, this is a lot better than the last time I did one of these in Miami," said Sen. Marco Rubio as he smiled, referring to the speech he made when he dropped out of the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination on Primary Election night. 

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On Tuesday, he enjoyed a win and the love from supporters in his hometown at the Hilton Hotel near Miami International Airport. 

"I am elated because Marco Rubio is the last of the real Republicans in the future of the Republican Party," said Andrew Garcia, a Miami resident and Rubio supporter.

Many of Rubio's supporters have been following him since his presidential campaign, like Sheri Tate, who left school in Oklahoma to volunteer for Rubio's campaigns. 

"I came all the way from Oklahoma, I'm a college student, took my first flight to come here and see Rubio. I came to volunteer for him, and it's the best experience ever. I’ve been with him from the beginning," said Tate. 

Supporters say they weren't nervous about the Senate race even when polls showed Rubio close to his challenger U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy. Rubio congratulated Murphy on running a great race. 

"Congressman Murphy is a young man with a bright future, and I thanked him for his willingness to step forward in public service," said Rubio. 

It's back to Capitol Hill for Rubio, despite the twists and turns he's faced this year. He says he's ready to move forward. 

"There's still no nation on Earth that I would rather be. Despite all of our challenges, there is no country and there is no people on this planet that I would rather trades places with," added Rubio.