Florida WIC provides latest update on baby formula shortage

Posted at 8:41 AM, Jun 09, 2022

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A fifth flight of baby formula is expected to arrive in the United States from Germany on Thursday as part of "Operation Fly Formula."

According to Florida Women, Infants and Children, a federally funded nutrition program, "the federal government has not provided any of this information to the state of Florida," when asked if Floridians will be receiving any of the incoming formula from Germany.

WIC also said it is "not aware of any Floridian in need of WIC services that have been turned away."

The nationwide formula shortage stems from a voluntary recall of certain powdered infant formulas produced by Abbott Nutrition, which was initiated on Feb. 12. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a public health advisory to alert consumers to avoid purchasing or using recalled formulas.

According to WIC, a majority of their formula doesn't come from Abbott. Abbott only supplies WIC soy-based formula which they say they have now found alternatives for.

Their latest data shows there's been a 15% increase in weekly formula redemption over the last two weeks, according to WIC. In April, "the total number of fully formula fed and partially formula fed infants in Florida WIC is 87,418."

If an infant needs formula, WIC recommends calling them to help find the formula, or contact the manufacturer and see if the formula is available to order and place the order.

The Florida Department of Health has issued some tips:

  • Choose an infant formula that’s safe. For more information on choosing an infant formula that’s safe, visit the CDC and FDA pages on the topic.
  • Don’t make homemade infant formula.
  • Do not buy formula online that comes from outside the United States. This formula could be counterfeit, for example it might have a fake label with a wrong use-by-date.
  • Properly prepare and store infant formula.
  • Properly clean, sanitize, and store infant feeding items.
  • Always wash your hands.