Father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen says his son was buried in Florida this week

Posted at 8:14 PM, Jun 21, 2016

Omar Mateen’s body has been buried in Florida, according to his father, Seddique Mateen.

The Fort Pierce man was shot and killed June 12 in a shootout with Orlando Police at Pulse Nightclub after he killed 49 people and injured more than 50 others.

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Seddique Mateen confirms that his son was buried within the last 48 hours and was given an Islamic burial with the proper rituals.

He would not specify the cemetery in which his son was buried.

Omar Mateen’s body was released by an Orange County Coroner Monday. Islamic law requires a body to be buried as soon as possible, within 24 hours.

Seddique Mateen would also not confirm whether or not he attended his son’s burial. The Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, where Mateen prayed several times a week, was not involved in the burial.

A member of that mosque and former friend of the gunman spoke out Tuesday about how he warned the FBI about Mateen years ago.

Mohammed Malik says in 2014, another young man who prayed at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, carried out a suicide bombing overseas.

After that attack, the FBI questioned people in the Fort Pierce area, including members of the mosque, according to Malik.

“The FBI obviously wanted to know if there was anybody else that could go down that same path,” Malik explained.

Malik says he didn’t immediately think Mateen was a possible risk, until they had a conversation together shortly after the FBI investigation.

Malik said Mateen referenced videos that he had watched of a person known to radicalize several people. 

“Omar had mentioned that he had seen videos of Anwar al-Awlaki which threw up a red flag for me. I asked him what he thought about them and he said they were ‘very powerful’, which raised up the red flag even more for me,” Malik said.

Malik told the FBI about his concerns surrounding Omar Mateen, but says nothing came of the report.

“I did leave it on the FBI to do their job. My hope and guess was that they did their job,” Malik said.

Malik did not specify if he knew why Mateen would have targeted Pulse specifically, but did mention that he never knew Mateen to be gay or homophobic.