Do you have unclaimed money? Check here!

Posted at 5:26 AM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 18:01:11-04

You might have money owed to you and not even know it!


The Florida Department of Financial Services says right now there is more than $2 billion in unclaimed property that is just sitting in an account waiting for the rightful owner to claim it.

In Palm Beach County, about $176 million is owed to people, and it is estimated that one in five Floridians have accounts with their names on it.

The best news of all, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis says the money doesn't expire. 


“Money sits in an account and sits in an account until someone comes forward for it. The great thing is that people will come back years later and they realize they have paperwork and are entitled to it,so they contact us and we give it to them at no cost,” said Patronis.

People, businesses, non-profits and even government entities are on the list. Patronis says some don't even know they have it coming.

“We did a check presentation for $116,000 to $117,000 to a young man who’s godmother had passed away, left him as the beneficiary of her life insurance account" Patronis said. "He never knew the money existed."

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