COVID-19 numbers going up 'way too fast' says FIU doctor

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jul 07, 2020

The rising COVID-19 numbers and percentage of positive cases has an infectious disease doctor in South Florida very concerned.

“We’re seeing our numbers go up at a rate that is way too fast,” says Dr. Aileen Marty at Florida International University.

“It’s basically we squandered all the pain and agony of lockdown by behavior,” she said.

Dr. Marty says mask wearing and hygiene need to be priorities now during Florida’s reopening to stop the rising numbers.

“Let’s take a look in the mirror, lets figure out we as individuals are doing right to get the virus out of our community,” Dr. Marty says.

In Riviera Beach, 25 year old Jovie Jose is hoping people do more after he recovered from a 3 week battle with COVID-19.

“It’s hard to live in fear everyday, but as of now it’s not about living in fear but taking all the precautions that you can take,” Jose says.

He says the COVID-19 experience was nothing like any illness he’s ever been through.

“It hit you like a ton of bricks like the fever came out of nowhere and it felt like a severe flu to me, lots of chills, I couldn’t break the fever,” Jose says.