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Teen killer looking for reduced sentence 25 years later

Posted at 5:32 PM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 18:39:02-05

Victor Brancaccio turns 41 next month.

His defense attorney said Tuesday his client is a story of redemption, maturation and rehabilitation.

“25 years ago the perfect storm hit Victor Brancaccio and unfortunately the brunt of the storm was suffered by Mollie Frazier," said attorney Richard Kibbey.

In June of 1993, a then 16 year-old Brancaccio killed the 81 year-old Frazier after she criticized his rap music.

At trial, prosecutors said Brancaccio beat Frazier with his fists and a toy gun.  Stored in the county evidence locker are Frazier’s glasses, and the spray paint the teen used on her body after hiding it in a field and burning it.

“If Victor gets another chance your honor,  Victor will never see another courtroom the rest of his life.  I guarantee you," said Eugene Brancaccio Tuesday.

Eugene Brancaccio told the judge he has spent $2 million dollars in his defense, and that his son would have a place to live and work. He said the Zoloft his son was prescribed before the murder changed him.

“If you look into the hospital record.  Adolescent out of control.  Adolescent throwing things.  Adolescent speaking out.  They made him into a monster," said the elder Brancaccio.

Brancaccio’s defense that Zoloft prevented him from knowing right from wrong led to national attention.  Twice Brancaccio was denied new trials based on new information about the drug.
His mother said Tuesday her son would not be a risk to the community.

“He's a loving child.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body," said Lina Brancaccio.

The hearing is set to conclude Wednesday.  Judge Gary Sweet will then determine a future date to announce his decision.  He could sentence Brancaccio to a reduced sentence of 40 years, or resentence him to life.  With Brancaccio having served nearly 25 years, his sentence will come up for review again in the next few years regardless of what the judge decides.