Mother of shooting victim demanding answers

Posted at 11:36 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 23:36:49-04

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Almost a year after a St. Lucie County man was shot and killed at his home, his mother is speaking out, determined to get answers.


St. Lucie County detectives say Taylor Harrison, 22, was shot and killed in June of 2015 at his home at 703 West Weatherbee Road near U.S. 1.


The last 11-months have been filled with grief, anger and frustration for his mother, Donielle Goodsell.


“I don’t forgive you, I want to kill you. That’s what I want. I want them to be in jail for the rest of their lives,” Goodsell says about her son’s killer.


“I miss him so much.”


Goodsell looks through pictures of her son displayed on a table.


“I have his pictures all over my house, and his urn on the fireplace.”


They’re pictures she appreciates more than ever. “I’m not getting any more of them.”


Goodsell admits her son wasn’t perfect, or easy to raise.


“We had a rocky relationship at times. I sent him to boot camp, school for struggling teens.”


She says her son was stolen from her just when their relationship was getting stronger.


“He had a good heart. He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t own a gun,” Goodsell said.


St. Lucie County detectives have followed investigative leads over the last 11-months, but no one has been arrested. No suspects have been identified.


“It’s so hard to get through life right now,” Goodsell said.


That’s why Goodsell is trying to take matters now into her own hands.


Goodsell flew to West Palm Beach from her home in Georgia to renew her plea to the community for answers.


“I’ll stop at nothing,” Goodsell said.


She spent her visit driving around looking for her own clues, wanting to leave no stone unturned.


“If you see me by your house you’ll know why.”


She says she’s relentless and will continue to do what it takes. “I’ll keep flying down here every year to renew this. I’ll add money to the reward. 


Her quest for answers will not stop, she says, until she has a new picture to hold in her hands— a mug shot of her son’s killer.


“I’d like to fly back down here for a trial.”


There are several ways you can give information to detectives to help solve the case.


You can call St. Lucie County detectives at 772-462-3230.


You can leave an anonymous tip with Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-TIPS


You can also submit a tip online 


If a tip you leave with either the sheriff’s office or with treasure coast crime stoppers results in an arrest, you can receive up to $5000.