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Surfers taking advantage of swells from Hurricane Maria

Posted at 3:26 PM, Sep 25, 2017

Along the Treasure Coast Monday, the adventurous dove into the ocean.

"The surf is up, it's good for us," said Phil Jacobson as he waxed his board Monday at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park.

Dozens at a time were bobbing offshore waiting for the right moment, to catch a wave.

When referencing the surf, often times you hear it described with body parts. The surf could be knee-high to waist-high, chest-high, or head-high.  Surfers said Monday they’ve seen waves 1-3 feet overhead, and in some cases double overhead.

Phillip Snodgrass brought his board out to Jensen Beach, but after looking at the waves, decided to stay on shore. 

"When it’s this big, you need a break between big sets so you can get through one and while it’s relatively calm, you can get all the way out.  But now the bigger sets, they come in too fast," said Snodgrass.

“When you’re out there, it’s easy because you can stay on the outside out there. But it was fun, totally worth it," said Bryce Dunlap after catching a few waves.

Luke Logan would agree with Dunlap. The Fort Pierce native says despite the struggle to get out to meet the waves, it was a great day.

“Nice to be with Mother Nature and be there with it. Feel its energy," said Logan.

And there’s no shortage of energy from these waves, expected to last for the next few days.