St. Lucie County deputies step up efforts to catch reckless, intoxicated drivers

Posted at 10:11 PM, Nov 22, 2016

ST. LUCIE COUNTY. Fla. -- Local law enforcement officers are stepping up their efforts to keep dangerous drivers off the road during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

St. Lucie County deputies are tasked with specifically watching for reckless and intoxicated drivers.

More drivers are expected to hit South Florida roadways in the days before and after Thanksgiving.

"Everyone knows it's a holiday weekend," Sgt. Ryan Register said in a shift briefing for deputies Tuesday night. "There's a ton of holiday parties. Be careful for reckless drivers. Be careful for people driving under the influence."

Deputies began other safety efforts Tuesday afternoon. Deputies ran radar along some of the busiest stretches of road in the county. They stopped drivers speeding, and urged them to be patient, especially while many more drivers are on the road.

"With the kids in the car and everything, you've got to be [patient]," said traveler Robert Rosell.

Rosell and his family drove Tuesday night from Fort Lauderdale to a lake house father north in the state.

Michael Barnes was traveling with a church group from Fort Pierce to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. "It's like 24 hours, a whole day," Barnes said.

He's glad to see deputies working to make his trip a safe one.

During the Thanksgiving holiday in 2015, law enforcement officers statewide responded to 9906 crashes. In those 84 people died and 17 were not wearing seat belts.

If you see someone driving dangerously, you can report them by calling *FHP (*347).