Security staying the same at most Treasure Coast, Palm Beach County gay bars and clubs

Posted at 12:01 AM, Jun 18, 2016

Gay clubs and bars in Orlando, Palm Beach County and on the Treasure Coast reviewed their security procedures, while some added security going into the first weekend following the deadly mass shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando.

In Orlando, numerous bars and night clubs reported increased levels of security.

In Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, most bar managers said they were not making changes, but maintaining the same level of security already in place.

H.G Rooster’s in West Palm Beach says they are going over their safety protocol and have a security guard. They have not made changes.

The Mad Hatter says they already have many cameras in place. They are also not making changes for now.

Some bars would not specify exactly what their security procedures are so as not to give their security tactics away to the public.

Tattle Tails in Port St. Lucie says they have three people involved in security any given night. They are not making security changes for now.

In Orlando, bars like Parliament are boosting security.

At Tattle Tails nightclub, dozens of regular patrons packed inside Friday night.

“It’s a hometown bar. We have a lot of close friends here,” said customer Joe Nunes.

He said it’s just the place for many people to unwind after a heartbreaking, emotionally draining week. The Orlando shooting shook many people in the LGBT community.

“It’s something you can’t leave at the door. It happened. We lost a lot of brothers and sisters,” Nunes said.

Regardless of the massacre at Pulse, Nunes isn’t worried about his safety when he visits his favorite gay bar.

“I don’t think any of us are afraid of just anyone coming in here,” Nunes said.

He says it helps knowing the night club is keeping security a priority. He also knows everyone is watching each other’s back.

“We just gotta keep moving on, we watch out for each other,” Nunes said.

The shooting will forever change him, he says. His vigilance is up, but he won’t let it allow him to live in fear.

“Those that aren’t coming out, come out! There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Tattle Tails is also hosting a fundraiser Saturday night at 10 PM to raise money for all of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub victims and their families. All money raised will be donated to the FloridaEquality GoFundMe account set up for the victims.