Music festival honors musician killed in crash

Posted at 6:33 PM, Dec 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-28 18:33:50-05
In just a few days, dozens of bands are coming together to honor the life of a local musician. Two years ago Bryan Jackson was killed in a wrong way drunk driver car crash. Now his friends and band members are hosting the second annual Bryan Jackson Music Festival in Fort Pierce.
Even with all its success, the band Ghost Cat hasn't been quite the same since Bryan's death.
"Those are impossible shoes to fill. He was just an awesome guy and the way that we got along together was just irreplaceable," said John Henderson who played with Bryan in the band.
Bryan's life was cut short at 26. Back in October of 2013 he as on the way home with his band after playing a gig when police say a drunk wrong-way driver collided with him head on. Now his friends are trying to keep his dream alive.
"I think our town needed somewhat of a symbol and when Bryan passed away they got that. Our music scene is really starting to grow again," said Zack Jones, Bryan's friend and organizer of the festival.
The band just got back from the tour Bryan dreamed of doing in Europe. They spent one month in Germany and played songs they wrote with Bryan.
"He would have loved i. I  wished, we all wished he would have been there," added Henderson.
They hope the second annual Bryan Jackson Music Festival will keep Bryan's memory alive. 
 "He would be speechless. I think that the stuff that we've done in his name is just amazing," added Jones.
The music festival will be held on January 9 at the St. Lucie Fairgrounds. For more information on the festival or how to purchase tickets, click here.