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'Restoring the Village' this weekend in Fort Pierce

Posted at 9:57 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 21:58:22-04

A community movement, started after a wave of violence in one Treasure Coast neighborhood, is holding a big event this weekend designed to clean up the streets, and the homes that line them.

State Representative Larry Lee points to a lime-green home on Avenue O in Fort Pierce.  It's the home where he grew up and the sense of pride Lee has in his community, is one he wants others to feel.

“Bring it back to what it was when I was a child," said Rep. Lee.

So this weekend, the second annual “Restore the Village” effort will take place in the Lincoln Park community.

Preparations are already underway at Deotha Felton’s home, as a volunteer pressure washes her house.  The 90 year-old sweeps her front stoop as she recalls 50 years in the neighborhood.

“But it’s been some years since it’s been painted. Color is going on one side," said Felton.

Felton's house is one of 15 homes in the Lincoln Park neighborhood will be revitalized this Saturday.

Juanita Hamm's house will see some new landscaping and a fresh coat of paint.

"I wouldn't want to live nowhere else. Fort Pierce.  St. Lucie County, " she says proudly.

Seeing the positive changes on her block, Jean Davis deciding to take remodeling into her own hands.

“I wanted it to look nice. I’ve lived here all my life and I’m planning on staying her the rest of my life," laughs Davis.

The city of Fort Pierce is collecting trash more often this week in preparation, and Representative Lee is hoping to provide jobs for area kids beyond the weekend.

"Year round to help maintain that yard of that senior citizen," said Lee.

If you’d like to volunteer, go to