Possible 'kill list' found at Somerset College Preparatory Academy in Port St. Lucie

Posted at 12:29 AM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 13:33:50-04

Port St. Lucie police are investigating the discovery of a possible ‘kill list’ discovered at a Port St. Lucie school.

Now, the Somerset College Preparatory Academy student accused of making the list is in the hospital  undergoing a mental evaluation.

Police say an officer at the school got a tip from a student that a freshman may have made a list of people he wanted to kill.


Police say when the officer questioned that student, he told them it was a joke and that he ripped it up and threw it away.

Police say the officer found ripped up pieces of paper in a trash can, pieced them back together, and found a list of names.

Freshman Nina Cruz says her name was on the list, along with other students and teachers.

She said the names were of students who have told on the student in the past, or teachers who she believes were failing the student. She says she doesn’t know why she was on the list.

“I was kind of shocked because my name was on it. It was so descriptive, all the stuff he had on there,” Nina said.

Wednesday, she said she was called to the principal’s office, where she learned about the list. She says she got to see it, and read his plan to shoot people.

She also talked with a police officer involved in the investigation.

When her mother, Janet Cruz, picked Nina up from school, Janet learned her daughter’s school day was far from normal.

“I picked her up from school today and she nonchalantly informed me that her name was on a kill list. And I asked her to explain to me what a kill list was.”

Nina said the student accused of making the list was someone she knows, and considers a friend. She also says he’s a class clown, but would like more reassurance if this was a joke.

“It’s kind of serious, like you don’t joke around about that stuff,” Nina said.

Nina also said the student in question gave her a warning.

“He warned me don’t come to school on May 15, and I thought it was just a joke, because he has a dark sense of humor,” Nina said.

“On May 15, I am going to leave her [home],” Janet said.

Janet said she is still waiting for word directly from the school about the situation.

“It was slightly disturbing being that I had to find out from my daughter and not the principal. I think as the principal in charge of the students, she should have called before I even picked up my daughter.”

The school’s principal, Erika Rains, says students are safe and that the student accused of making the list is not in school.

Port St. Lucie police are continuing the investigation.

“Parents shouldn’t have to worry about sending their kids to school, wondering if they’re going to be able to see them again at the end of the day,” Janet said.