Port St. Lucie 7-year-old Christine Regina helps rescue boy from near-drowning at Margate city pool

Posted at 9:46 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 05:00:16-04

A 7-year-old Port St. Lucie girl is being called a hero after her quick thinking helped save a boy from a near-drowning at a pool in Broward County this weekend. 

In water 5 feet deep, in the center of the pool at Calypso Cove Aquatic Facility in Margate, Christine Regina, 7, was wearing her goggles and swimming like her favorite Disney character "Dory."

"I went under the water, under the line and I saw the boy lying at the bottom of the pool," said Christine.

She knew there was something wrong and told a 15-year-old girl nearby what she saw. The teen then dove in and pulled the boy out, taking him to lifeguards to be revived. 

"She didn't panic, she just like too charge," said Penny Jo Stone, Christine's grandmother.

Stone was watching the whole thing, not knowing what Christine was doing until she saw the boy being carried out of the water. 

"Very proud of her, very proud of her," said Stone.

The Port St. Lucie girl is visiting her grandparents in Margate for the summer. She's been swimming at Calypso Cove for years, she never thought she'd be going back home with a tale of survival. 

"They called me a hero," said Christine.

The mayor of Margate recognized her with a plaque. Christine is excited to tell her friends back in Port St. Lucie, but until then she's enjoying her stay with her grandparents in Margate. She says she has more pool days planned. 

"Just keep swimming and swimming," said Christine quoting "Dory."

Stone says her granddaughter is supposed to meet the boy she helped save and the 15-year-old girl who helped her this Saturday.