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Man who found the first of three bodies in St. Lucie County describes shocking discovery

Posted at 12:02 AM, Mar 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-01 08:55:54-05

Investigators in St. Lucie County are working to determine how three people died after their bodies were found within a mile of each other Wednesday.

Detectives have not released the names of the victims.

Detectives say they were first called to a home on the corner of Ash Street and Oleander Avenue.
There, the son of the landlord, Edgar Rivera, said he was checking in on his father’s rental property.

Rivera said a woman lived there with her nephew.

“Just checking up on the property to make sure they were gone. They were supposed to be gone by today.”

Rivera said the woman was moving in with her boyfriend not far away.

“When I walked in there was a foul smell. It was kind of strange...I opened the garage, and that’s when I saw that,” Rivera said.

Rivera described finding a severely decomposed body that appeared to be wrapped in something like a rug.

“It didn’t even look like a human being.”

Detectives are still trying to determine how long the person was deceased before being discovered by Rivera.

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Around the time Rivera called 911, detectives said they got another call to a home in the Oleander Pines neighborhood, where they found another body.

Neighbors said the man at that home was dating the woman who lived at the first scene.

Not long after that, deputies were called to a single car crash, where a third body was found.

Rivera said the car in that crash appeared to be the white BMW of the man who lived in the home of the second scene.

Rivera said the last time he spoke to anyone at his father’s rental property was Sunday.

He said he spoke to the nephew about the woman at the home. “He said that she was out of town, that she was in Germany visiting her mother who was sick,” Rivera said.

Now, Rivera is among the many wanting more information.

“We all want to have some closure, I want to have some closure.”

Detectives, for now, are only calling the first scene, where the body was discovered in the garage by Rivera, a homicide.

The other two deaths are still under investigation.