Hurricane-resistant glass stops burglars in Port St. Lucie

Posted at 12:17 AM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 00:17:53-05

Do you recognize these two in the video? They took on hurricane resistant glass and lost at a Port St. Lucie gas station early Tuesday morning at 2:15.

With a security camera rolling, two crooks, cloaked in tee shirts wrapped around wrapped around their heads, learned that breaking and entering might not be for them.

The one in black tried a three pronged approach. First a hammer, then the body and then the foot, just for kicks.

And then tries each one, again, agin and again, as the one in blue watches, and learns nothing.

Thirty seconds later, the window still standing strong.

"My expert opinion, they were trying to fight with impact glass, and they lost," says Michael Verderber, an installer for The Glass Doctor.

The glass they took on is built to withstand a hurricane, so the two lowly criminals had no chance.

"Anything that wind may pick up to cause it to be a middle, it's resistant to stuff like that," Verderber says.

Just to be sure, Michael let us test it out ourselves with a hammer.

First we tested tempered, none hurricane resistant glass. You might find it on your porch door or in some businesses. It shattered in one hit.

Now onto the thick stuff, a piece of plastic, sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The hurricane resistant glass is what they tried to break. We hit it over and over and over again, and it spider webbed out, but never broke.

The last part of the surveillance video shows the crooks acknowledging they've met their match by walking away. They learned this lesson the hard way.

Window one, bad guys nothing.

"I don't think they were ready for that," Verderber says, chuckling.

The hurricane resistant glass is also better at insulating your house.

If you know anything about this crime here, call the Port Saint Lucie police. Police also ask if you ever see people hanging around a closed business don't be afraid to report that either.