Grand jury finds Port St. Lucie police shooting of Samson Fluerant justified

25 year-old man shot in his home
Posted at 5:19 PM, Apr 19, 2017

After testimony from 11 witnesses that lasted more than a day, it took the grand jury just 10 minutes to determine that deadly force was justified in the case of Samson Fluerant.

 “I feel like justice was served.  Didn’t take very long for a decision.  I think the public can now have confidence in the process, said Port St. Lucie Police Chief John Bolduc.

It was November of last yearwhen officers were called to the Fleurant home on Colleen Avenue. The 25-year-old had taken a machete to the inside walls.

Family members told us at the time they were asked by police, and agreed, to have Fleurant involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility.

But Fleurant locked himself inside his room.

The family said police broke down the door, and Officer Colin Duncombe, an 18-year veteran, shot Fluerant after another officer’s failed attempt with a Taser.

Prosecutors praised the grand jury’s work.

“They were focused and concentrated on the details.  They paid a lot of attention to the witnesses that testified," said Assistant State Attorney Jeff Fredriks.

Lorenzo Williams, the attorney for the Fluerant family, said they are disappointed the victim’s brother, a corrections officer, was not allowed to talk with Samson during the incident.  The family plans to file a civil suit in the case.

“We believe that the arc of justice still flows in the direction of the family," said Williams.

Officer Duncombe was on administrative leave until the investigation was completed.  Chief Bolduc said he is back on patrol now.  

This was just the second police involved shooting in Port St. Lucie in the past five years.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement was called in to investigate the case.