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Dogs rescued from Port St. Lucie house of filth

Posted at 7:17 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 04:19:33-05

Victor Hall looks at his dogs Sadie and Holly as they happily run around the patio of their Port St. Lucie home.  But across the street on Ever Road, other dogs were living a much different life.

“You would hear barking and whimpering," said Hall, who called Animal Control Sunday night. Officers discovered five dogs, four pit bulls and a bulldog, trapped inside.

“There was holes in some of the walls. One door was three quarters missing that looked like it had been chewed on," said Officer Tandy DeMag.

Debris, feces and live bugs were everywhere. Empty bags of dog food were found, but the animals may have been left abandoned for weeks.

“It’s a real shame for any animal to be in that condition. If you don’t want the pets, there are plenty of places to take them," said Hall.

But at one time, was the home on Ever Road a place where unwanted animals were taken to be rescued?

According to state records, in 2015, the address was home to "Loving Hands Rescue."  It’s listed purpose was the Rescue and Adoption placement of domestic animals.

That year, the homeowner listed on the property appraiser’s website, held at least two online fundraisers, just weeks apart, looking to save a shelter it was operating, possibly elsewhere in the county. 

The company dissolved this past September. 

“There was no power.  Look how hot it gets. Completely closed up, not a good environment for any animal," said Hall.

A criminal investigation is underway, and Hall is glad he reached out to authorities.

“You wish nobody any ill, but if the dogs are injured, it had to be done, period that’s all there is to it,” said Hall.

Animal Control officers say it's not often they have to get into hazmat suits. Sunday was just the second time this year they had to do that.