Police: Man arrested had kids living in filth

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Still images taken from inside a home on LaSalle Street in Lakewood Park show a messy residence with dog feces on the floor and even a piece of meat, still wrapped in plastic, on a couch.

A father and two young boys, ages four and five, lived in the home.

The landlord says the family was there for just a month, but the father, Donald De La Paz, was arrested Sunday after someone contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families about the conditions inside. 

“I see them outside once upon a time.   They were cute little kids but I don’t know how do they treat them you know? said landlord Raza Torkaman.

But neighbors of De La Paz, who they called “Ziggy”, say it’s not all his fault.

“He’s a very good father," said neighbor Winifer Facson.

According to the arrest affidavit, De La Paz told investigators his wife abandoned them three weeks ago, taking with her their food stamp card to get food.

“We were helping them with the kids, we were helping them with food, we were helping them with everything," said Facson.

The affidavit says De La Paz was violent towards his wife and she left due to his suspected drug use.

Neighbors are helping take care of the dogs and trying to clean the apartment.  They plan to be in court to support De La Paz, who’s being held on a $15-thousand bond.  The children are with their mother.