Still no arrests in Fort Pierce deadly double shooting, police hope witnesses will come forward

Posted at 10:47 PM, Jul 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 04:33:27-04

Police have not made any arrests after a deadly double shooting in Fort Pierce on Sunday night.

Police say Diamond Kendrick and Tovarius Thompson were shot and killed at Lincoln Park Regional Park Sunday evening.

Now, detectives are urging the community to come forward with information critical for solving the crime.

The officers who responded to Sunday’s crime scene were back on the road Monday night.

On Sunday, they were tasked with preserving the crime scene, collecting evidence and finding witnesses. Officers also tried to save the victims.

Monday, they were focused on solving the crime and making an arrest.

During the roll call meeting Monday, Lt. Caleb Gillette thanked officers for their efforts.

“Thank you for your hard work last night and professionalism out there. I know the scene was chaotic when you guys were out there,” Gillette said.
He left the officers with specific orders.

“While we’re out there, take every opportunity you can to identify suspicious persons, meeting with neighbors and community members,” Gillette said. And if anyone is afraid to speak to officers, he told the officers to encourage anyone to call crime stoppers to make an anonymous tip.

“Hopefully we can resolve this crime,” Gillette said.

Police Monday night also increased patrols in the area of Avenue O and 13th Street, where the shooting happened.

It was a welcome sight for Michael Thomas, who likes to play basketball on the courts at the park.
“It’s just sad, I can’t believe, I still can’t believe it,” Thomas said.

He was playing basketball with some children and teenagers Sunday evening, but left before the gunfire erupted.

Because of that, he had his eye on more than the ball Monday night.
“You’ve gotta constantly be looking over your shoulder.”
He will feel better about returning to the court once he knows the shooter is behind bars.

“They should turn themselves in. They’d be doing themselves a favor and the city of Fort Pierce a favor.”