Obama Administration announces support for women being required to sign up for selective service

local college-aged men, women have mixed reactions
Posted at 12:16 AM, Dec 02, 2016

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- Could women soon be required to sign up for the military draft?

The Obama Administration announced it would support requiring 18-year-old women to sign up for the selective service.


It’s an idea drawing mixed reaction from local college-aged students.


Men and woman at Indian River State College in Fort Pierce had different opinions.


Some said it’s a step forward for women’s equality.


Others are not so sure they would be comfortable with the requirement.


Women currently make up 15% of the ranks in the nation’s all volunteer military service.


“I think a lot of times when people think draft, they think that front line in the war zone,” said 20-year-old student, Courtney Charette.


She said she would have been happy to register for the selective service when she was 18.


“I go through the struggle of wanting to be treated equally as well. I would not mind. I would actually feel kind of proud to be able to sign up for the draft.”


Other women, like Jody Miller, 20, were not so sure they would be on board with the idea. The likelihood of the draft being brought back, however, is very small.


“I’m scared to go to war. I feel like we should have our own opinion to do it, like an option,” said a student.


Mary Higgs, 30, considered joining the military. “Actually, military was an option after college that I’m still considering doing,” Higgs said. She would want her involvement to be voluntary, not required.


“I don’t think that should be required at all. Why should the government control what you’re doing with yourself,” Higgs said.


Right now, all men must register within 30 days of turning 18. If they do not, they could risk losing eligibility for student aid, job training and government jobs.


Keith Combs, 26, says he would support women serving in the draft with men.


“Females are saying they want equality. It’s time to step up,” Combs said. He says the women in his life would be proud to serve.


The White House stance is more of a conversation starter. The House is set to vote on a defense bill this week that gets rid of a provision to require women to register with the selective service.