Homeland Security ID & foreign paperwork found in possession of Fort Pierce man

Posted at 10:51 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 13:13:35-05

A man is out of jail in Saint Lucie County after Fort Pierce police notified federal officials that they found Department of Homeland Security identification badges and foreign paperwork in the suspect's car.

Initially, police didn't know what to think but after an investigation police learned the DHS badges are normal for some immigrants to have.

The man was found in the Sabol Palm Plaza parking lot with a woman and two kids who were panhandling Saturday night, according to police.

Police say Ionut Dumitru initially lied about his suspended Maryland driver's license and instead produced one from the United Kingdom.  He later told the truth to authorities.

Fraud was initially a concern because the 20-year-old was on record using his first name as his last in some cases, he had Romanian paperwork and Department of Homeland Security ID badges.

After police called DHS, they explained the cards were part of an immigrant supervision program that allows cardholders into U.S. communities.

Ed Cunningham, a Fort Pierce police public information officer, says, "We don't have any concern that we've let somebody out inappropriately or mishandled anything. And we're confident that to us, it was a case of driving while your license is suspended and resisting an officer."

Both are misdemeanors. His bond was set at $1,125 and the van was released back to him.