Fort Pierce police body cameras show new perspective of fiery crash into apartment building

Posted at 11:57 PM, Jul 05, 2017

Fort Pierce police released body camera footage Wednesday showing their efforts to put out a fire and save a driver who crashed into an apartment building Tuesday.

Police say the driver, 31-year-old Carl Philibert, crashed into the building on purpose, targeting a woman he used to have a relationship with.

The video shows police grabbing hoses or fire extinguishers, and yelling that they never saw the driver get out of the car.


Their fire suppression efforts did not prove successful. The officers are seen backing away and calling for nearby residents to evacuate.

“Fort Pierce advise, small explosions inside the vehicle,” officers are heard yelling.

The car was packed with four propane tanks, one which exploded.

18 people who live at the apartment building are still displaced.

A friend of Philibert spoke to WPTV Wednesday.

“I still can not believe that,” said Steph Dumornay.

He lives in Jacksonville, but says Philibert is an old friend of his.

“i’ve known carl for like 7 years. I’ve never seen him snap,” Dumornay said.

He describes Philibert as a reliable, trustworthy friend who was straight-laced. “He barely drank. He doesn’t smoke,” Dumornay continued.

He says he met the woman Philibert was in a relationship last year, and never suspected there was turmoil.

“He never told me something was going on,” Dumornay said.

Police say Philibert has a history of domestic trouble with the woman he targeted Tuesday.

18 people are still displaced from their homes due to damage from the crash.

Family members of Philibert are calling the incident a suicide.