Fort Pierce Police Officers Association upset over golf course spending

Union wants money for new hires
Posted at 5:49 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-13 19:28:05-05

A full slate of foursomes could be seen playing at the Indian Hills Golf Course Monday.

“It’s a really nice, fun course to play," said Bill Schneider as he got set to tee off with his buddies.

And for 25 years, CJ Fulwood has been keeping the fairways in good shape.

“Every city has a course.  It would be a shame to do away with our course," said Fulwood.

But the golf course revenues aren’t up to par.  Monday, the city commission discussed what could be done for the city-owned course, which has been losing money steadily for the past decade, according to the mayor.

“It is not sustaining itself," said Mayor Linda Hudson.

One group that happens to work next door to the golf course, the Fort Pierce Police Officers Association, would like to see money that’s now being spent on the course, spent on the officers.  No one would go on camera but in a release sent out Monday, the union criticized a recent investment in the golf course while being told there was no more money for officers.

“They have a point and the police budget is about a third of our general fund right now and we have challenges paying our police officers," said Mayor Hudson.

Right now, there are more than a dozen open positions in the police department.  The association’s last contract with the city expired in October. 

No one is complaining about the hard work and hospitality at the course, but will residents who aren’t playing, be willing to keep paying?

“Do they want to have a golf course, even if it costs money? asked the mayor.
The commission decided to hold a public discussion on the future of the golf course March 30th.