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Family reacts to Tyler Hadley apology

Posted at 4:19 PM, Oct 08, 2018

After a full week of testimony about him, Tyler Hadley spoke for himself, for 48 seconds, apologizing for his actions.

“I’m sorry to my brother, my grandparents, the rest of my family and the rest of my parents' friends.  I’m sorry I took them away from you," Hadley said, looking straight ahead at the judge.

Tyler’s uncle Mike Hadley says this resentencing hearing was like the 'third funeral we've gone through.'"

“Even though we love our nephew Tyler, we know he’s done a terrible thing," Mike Hadley said.

After the hearing concluded Monday, Mike Hadley showed a picture of his brother Blake.  He and wife Mary Jo, were victims of what Mike Hadley called a planned and premeditated crime.

Tyler Hadley used a hammer to kill his parents, then threw a party while his parents' bodies were buried under household debris in their bedroom.

“His brain was fully developed.  How could it not have been to miraculously and methodically plan and carry out an attack?” Mike Hadley asked.

Prosecutors are seeking the reimposition of a life sentence.

“The heinous, atrocious cruel nature of the offense are exactly the same.  The truth doesn’t change over time despite what experts the defense may hire, said Chief Assistant State Attorney Tom Bakkedahl.

“We’re going to go on and live our lives and put pieces together but I hope to God this is it and we don’t have to do this anymore," said Mike Hadley.

Judge Gary Sweet told the attorneys to submit their final written arguments by November 9th.  The judge will rule sometime afterward whether Hadley could get as little as 40 years, or be resentenced to life.