Cities prep for Colin's heavy rains

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jun 06, 2016

Moore’s Creek runs through the heart of Fort Pierce and is one of its most important waterways.
A city streets and drainage crew made several stops Monday afternoon prepping for what Colin could bring.

The crew did a little fishing for tires that were pulled out, and removed plant growth so drains can flow freely.

“Creating as much room in the canals as we can for any amount of rain we might encounter tonight so we can eliminate any possibility of street flooding," said Keith Roberts with Fort Pierce Public Works.

Residents who live in this area around North 15th Street and Avenue B said the city has done a good job of keeping the water at levels where heavy rain doesn’t make its way into their homes.

Out at Jetty Park, Katherine Moreira and Efrain Reyes decided to check out the approaching storm during their lunch break.

“The sea is looking a little rough.  Hopefully we don’t get a lot of rain you know.  We love the sunshine though," laughed Reyes.

“Typical Florida.  Not as bad as we thought, but you never know," added Moreira.