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Suspicious woman caught on camera peering into windows at a suburban Boca Raton home

Posted at 5:46 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 19:42:32-04

On Thursday, Kim Kerner and her husband rushed home from work after seeing something disturbing on their doorbell camera.

The video shows the woman holding a baby, trying to peek inside the home and lifting the doormat.

"It just looked very suspicious to us, so we hurried home," said Kerner.

When they got to the neighborhood, Kerner and her husband caught up with the woman.

"She was like you know bubbly like, 'oh I was just admiring it,' like there was no problem," said Kerner.

Kerner's husband asked her why she was looking underneath the doormat.

"She said that her baby's carriage got caught up in the mat and you can clearly see in the video that it did not," added Kerner.

In the video, you can hear the woman making comments about the home, asking if anyone was home. Other neighbors have reported seeing her knocking on other doors as well.

Kerner said she didn't notice it that day, but realized a package the post office confirmed it delivered was missing.

"They said it was delivered 15 minutes before she got there," said Kerner who later pulled up her doorbell camera video and confirmed the postal worker had arrived at 4:52. "It was just a makeup thing, it was small."

When Kerner took a closer look at the video with the stranger she noticed something she did not see before. The woman appears to have something being her iPad and drops it into the stroller.

"It's just terrible. She's using this poor child. She's using the baby as a cover," said Kerner.

Another neighbor reached out to WPTV and said her package was also stolen.

"I really think we, because you live in a gated community you let your guard down," added Kerner.

Kerner has filed a police report. She said her community is now adding keypad locks to the pedestrian gates.