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Suburban Boca Raton homeowners upset about damage county construction is leaving behind

Posted at 9:49 AM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 12:30:44-04

Suburban Boca Raton residents living along Lyons Road say they're upset after construction crews damaged a water pipe and left them with the bill. 

People living along SW 18th Street and Lyons Road in The Centre of Boca Barwood community say they're not happy with the mess and damage being left behind. 

"I'm just waiting for the moment where there's going to be an accident," one homeowner said. 

The project is adding a third lane to each side of the intersection. Homeowners along the busy road say they're concerned about oncoming traffic being so close to their homes.

"Again, I understand what the intent was but the outcome is not gonna be good for anyone in this community," a resident said. 

To add to their frustration, the president of the homeowner's association says construction crews damaged the water pipe that connects to their irrigation system.

"We are a small community and that type of expenses is not in our budget," Tammy Rehard said. 

Rehard says she contacted the county asking it to fix the pipe, but she says the response was it's not the county's problem.

"That it was on easement property and we have no way of knowing that," she said. 

WPTV reached out to the Palm Beach County Engineering and Public Works Department. A spokesperson said that if the damage is on the county's right of way the county is not responsible for repairs even if it is a water pipe.  

But Rehard says a letter received from the county before construction began has a different tone. 

It says that the county should return the property to as near as practicable to the same condition as before.

"You know, first of all, when they did the construction they should've done the proper work ahead of time and know where these items were and they should've prepared," Rehard says.

She says the homeowner's association plans to keep reaching out to the county in hopes that it will take care of the damage.

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