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Video shows car crash into tree on N Swinton Ave.

Posted at 7:04 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 21:53:26-04

Surveillance video of a car crashing into a tree shows exactly why Dwayne Giuttari won’t let his young daughters play in his front yard on North Swinton Avenue in Delray Beach.

“There’s no way," Giuttari said. "I get scared sometimes taking the trash out that someone is going to swerve and hit me.”

Guittari has lived along North Swinton Avenue for six years. He said traffic is getting heavier.

“This is like a main vein into Delray and it’s just getting worse and worse," he said.

He said cars have hit people's property in the area in recent years, but on Sunday afternoon, he certainly wasn't expecting to suddenly hear a loud sound.

“You knew something was wrong because it was so loud it was almost like fireworks," he said.

His surveillance video showed the car crashing into his gumbo limbo tree out front then backing up into a neighbor's yard. Guittari came out front to find the car on fire.

Delray Beach Police don't believe speeding played a factor in this crash. The driver told the community service officer the gas pedal got stuck.

However, in the past, police have targeted speeders on North Swinton Avenue. They ticketed seven drivers in an hour in September 2015.

"They could be ticketing all day on this road," Giuttari said.

Giuttari said he thinks distracted driving also plays a major role.

He'd like to see speed bumps, railings or some kind of safety devices put in place to protect people living in the area.

“Unfortunately nothing is going to happen until something or someone gets injured our dies and that’s the unfortunate part," Giuttari said.

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