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Survivor of violent Delray crash breaks silence, driver saw truck and minivan coming towards her

Survivor of violent Delray crash breaks silence, driver saw truck and minivan coming towards her
Posted at 6:49 PM, Jul 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-28 19:39:29-04

For the first time, one of the survivors of a violent and deadly Delray Beach crash early this year spoke about the horrifying collision that gave her nightmares for weeks. 

Natalia Barber was driving northbound on South Federal Highway in the right lane. She heard a loud crash that sounded like an explosion. When she looked to her left, she said the Chevy Silverado truck and the Dodge minivan stuck together looked like a white wall coming at her. 

"It was more so in slow motion that I could see it and I was concerned about my son in the car more than myself," said Barber who was driving a Buick Encore and her teenage son in the front passenger seat. 

Police said the driver of the Chevy slammed into the minivan going more than 100 miles per hour, instantly killing a family of four with children inside of the car.

Veronica Raschiotto, her brother Jorge, and her two kids were all on vacation visiting family in Delray Beach. Barber didn't know that she was focused on getting her son out of the car and finding a way out herself. 

"I was hit to the point I had to physically lift myself out of the seat, like pushing onto my seat. My shoes were stuck in the car because the steering wheel came so close to me," said Barber who was trapped in the car on the driver's side. 

She got out of the passenger side after her son exited the car and never imagined what would come next. 

"Then, the devastation that he saw and I saw, it's not anything that anybody should have to see," said Barber. "That's when we saw the impact and it was terrible." 

Raschiotto's two children Mia and Diego, 6 and 8-years-old were also in the car. Barber said at the time she didn't know there were children killed in the minivan, she said the car itself was crushed. 

"You couldn't tell what it was," said Barber. "There was nothing left of it. I have a hard time thinking because if that was me or my son, I couldn't imagine. I can't imagine. I just feel so bad for them." 

Barber is being represented by attorney Ronnie Gotti with Shiner Law Group. Gotti said Barber and her son sustained injuries in the crash. 

The driver of the Chevy truck, Paul Streater was arrested earlier this week and is facing manslaughter and DUI charges. Delray Beach Police say Streater was under the influence from allegedly huffing dust off air cleaner.