Psychologist gives advice for Clinton supporters grieving her loss of the Election

Posted: 7:18 PM, Nov 09, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-09 19:18:53-05

Even though the election is over, the tension it caused among Americans is not. The contentious presidential race increased stress and put strains on relationships that some may feel for a while.

The election triggered so much emotion, political conversations are even coming up in psychologists' offices. Dr. Mark Ellinger, a clinical psychologist in Delray Beach, says multiple patients who were Hillary Clinton supporters came in to his office talking about the election results.

"It is appropriate for people to mourn the loss," Ellinger said. "They wanted a certain president, they didn't get it, and they had their hearts set on it."

He believes to some degree, conversations with co-workers or posts on social media can be helpful.

"Venting is okay, but too much will make us worse," Ellinger said.

He warns Clinton supporters not to get stuck in the grieving process and not to let it destroy relationships.

"Mourn for your disappointment, go through the cycle of grief, talk about it, but don't over talk about it, focus on the positive things in your personal life, and what a wonderful thing it still is to be an American," Ellinger said.