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Isabella Hellmann: Delray Beach woman missing at sea presumed dead, court rules

EXCLUSIVE: Isabella Hellmann's mother speaks out
Posted at 11:34 AM, May 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-14 18:51:50-04

A judge has issued rulings on the estate of a woman missing at sea.

Two years ago Isabella Hellman disappeared from a boat off the coast of the Bahamas. Her husband Lewis Bennett was charged with murder in the case, but the charge was lowered to involuntary manslaughter in a plea deal.

He is set to be sentenced this month.

Concerning Hellmann's estate, a judge ruled that Hellmann should be considered presumed dead, even though her body was never found. The government is going to give the keys to Hellmann's and Bennett's Delray Beach condo to Bennett's parents who are currently legal guardians of the couple's child, Emilia.

Emilia will also receive money from Hellmann's estate, totaling $18,000. Other funds will be disbursed for administrative expenses, creditors and beneficiaries if there is any money remaining.