Homeowners upset with school proposal in Southern Palm Beach County

Posted at 11:55 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 23:55:18-05

Homeowners in a South Palm Beach County neighborhood are saying no to a school with its sights set on a piece of land off Lyons Road in Suburban Delray Beach.

The proposed school is between Atlantic Ave. and Clint Moore Rd. West of the Turnpike.

"It's a big problem," says Steve Michaels, the HOA president of Mizner Country Club.

What concerns him the most is the possibility of Divine Savior Academy coming across from his community on a two-lane road.

"Stacking of cars at drop off and pick up time cars."

School leaders are awaiting approval to build the school however they are already advertising their new school online.

A school representative says they have studied the traffic impacts and see no cause for concern especially with the county planning to expand Lyons to four lanes.

They say county leaders have given their recommendation for approval.

The zoning commission is expected to take up this proposal early next month.