Great escape for the holidays is on in South Florida

Posted at 5:38 PM, Dec 23, 2016

That cold weather outside of South Florida  means the great escape here is on.

This, as Florida is enjoying what's already been a record breaking year for tourism.

When you count only the first nine months of this year, the state says the 85 million people who have visited sets a record. That number is only growing when you consider what the rest of the northern hemisphere is looking like.

"Well Paris is cold," Francoise Corvaisrei says about the current conditions in her home city. "You know gray and there are no beaches."

Philadelphia native Gary Valway says, "It's about 40 degrees colder and I'm not missing it."

Cynthia Kerner is from New Jersey. She's lucky to even be outside, let alone on the beach, "Let's put it this way, last winter we couldn't get out of our house from Friday night until Monday morning," she says. "We had about three feet of snow."

On the streets of Delray, parking is at a premium. The out of state license plates help tell the story.  According to, last year, the two states people most likely came from are Georgia and New York. The most popular country is Canada. All three cars parked next to each other.