Grant helps target aggressive drivers in Delray

Posted at 5:46 PM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 18:25:18-05

A grant awarded to the Delray Beach Police Department will help officers crack down on aggressive driving at busy intersections.

Officer Ron Brown and other officers from the Delray Beach Police traffic unit see is again and again, drivers making quick and very illegal decision on the road. 

"Illegal lane changing, not using your blinker, people don't know what you're trying to, do left turn crashes are big," said Officer Brown with the traffic unit.

Three officers unit were positioned at the Linton Boulevard and South Federal Highway intersection, one of the busiest intersections in the city. 

"We just had one young lady jump the curb with her SUV in order to get nowhere fast," said Officer Brown.

Officer Brown says Delray Beach is in the top 8 percent of cities with the most crashes due to aggressive driving in the state. Delray Beach resident Bob Kurnik says that is why he avoids driving during peak rush hours. 

"I try not to drive during this season because there are just too many ruthless people out there," said Kurnik.

Brooke Swindle was shopping in the area not too far from where officers were out in full force. She feels enforcement should be extended into parking lots too. 

"Today when we were just over at Michaels, someone came flying at like 50 miles an hour in a parking lot, that's just not necessary. It's not safe. There's nowhere we are going that we need to be that fast. That's why we have so many accidents," said Swindle. 

It's because of the increasing crash statistics that the Police Traffic Unit was just awarded up to 50,000 dollars by the state. Officer Brown says that money will pay for overtime so officers can spend more time enforcing the law at dangerous intersections and hopefully make them safer. 

"We do what we can to try and put bodies out in the street to change the behaviors of the drivers," added Officer Brown.

The traffic unit will start using up grant resources at the beginning of the new year.