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Food delivery apps growing in popularity, including Delivery Dudes of Delray Beach

Posted at 12:29 PM, Nov 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-15 19:05:57-05

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Ordering food is easier than ever thanks to popular apps.

Food delivery apps were valued at $3.7 billion in 2017, and Allied Marked research predicts that value will grow to $16.6 billion by 2023. One of those delivery services started right here in Palm Beach County.

Delivery Dudes was created in Delray Beach 10 years ago. Jayson Koss started to service with the vision to help businesses.

"Trying to convince restaurants that their food should be delivered was unbelievably difficult," said Koss.

Delivery Dudes connects customers to their favorite restaurants, and delivers food from those eateries.

Mellow Mushroom in Delray Beach joined Deliver Dudes when the app launched a decade ago.

"It was a big deal to let someone else do it," said Jackie Parisi, the manager of Mellow Mushroom.

Parisi’s family owns the popular pizza restaurant and said the decision to deliver was necessary.

"The food industry has just changed. People want fast," said Parisi.

Other restaurants like Ziree Thai & Sushi made the same decision as Mellow Mushroom.

"At first we thought, so we have to give someone else a percentage while we make the money?" said owner Siree Sudnean.

The family-run business said they knew they had to change with the times. Now their customers want delivery.

Koss said what started out as a small business in Delray Beach has grown into Delivery Dudes service in more 50 cities.

As restaurants expand their service to outside delivery, there is a balance to make sure the cost is worth it.

"It is all about creating win-wins and being transparent," Koss said. Delivery Dudes is transparent in their service charges and expectations.

"If you choose there right delivery company, it won't hurt you," said Sudnean.

Mellow Mushroom said Delivery Dudes makes up for 10 percent of their overall sales, Ziree Thai & Sushi said 25 percent of their sales is from Delivery Dudes.

"To be able to help the small mom and pop restaurants that are local like us is really rewarding," said Koss.