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Delray Beach moms launch GoFundMe page for workers on the front lines

Posted at 7:57 PM, Mar 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-28 19:57:39-04

At a time when we’re all practicing social distancing the coronavirus (COVID-19) is actually bringing some people closer together and people are finding ways to help their neighbors in need.

A GoFundMe page started by a group of Delray Beach stay-at-home mom’s is helping a lot of people. And it’s having an impact on hospital workers morale and area businesses bottom line.

Don’t be fooled by the smile - social distancing is taking it’s toll on the social life of five-year-old Ace and his mom, Sandy Beyer.

“We live in a tight knit community. We all know each other,” said Beyer. “We’ve gone through phases. It’s definitely a challenge.”

In fact many of her neighbors are emergency room workers and first responders. And she’s heard their stories of self-isolation off the clock.

“They can’t go and necessarily hug their kids, or their parents, or their wives, husbands and partners. So it’s very isolating for them,” she said.

The stories spread like wildfire, fueling Beyer and other stay-at-home mom’s to launch the GoFundMe page, Food and Morale for Healthcare Workers and 1st Responders. Donations support employees on the front lines at Delray Beach Medical Center, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, West Boca Medical Center and Bethesda Hospital West. Additionally, people in fire and EMS, law enforcement and janitorial services across South Florida.

”It’s not hard to be kind,” Beyer said.

The page also supports small business owners like Todd Weiss, owner of East Side Cafe in Boca Raton. He says business may be down 80-percent but the effort supports local restaurants.

”Yeah, the first year has been tough so we really want to pick up where we left off,” Weiss said. “Hopefully during this time we made some new friends and hopefully that will keep the business going.”

Next week, food and morale goes to people on the front lines in Boynton Beach. It will also include people who work in janitorial services in area hospitals who are working tirelessly.

To learn more about the GoFundMe page, Food and Morale for Healthcare Workers and 1st Responders visit: