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Delray Beach man charged for toll roads he didn't use, SunPass license plate glitch to blame

Posted at 4:10 PM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 19:06:14-04

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Whether you have a SunPass transponder or use toll-by-plate on the Turnpike, SunPass uses your license plate to charge you for tolls.

But what happens if they’ve got the wrong plate, but you’re getting the charges?

Kenneth Aronson said he’s being charged almost daily for traveling on toll roads near Orlando. Problem is, he lives in Delray Beach.

"Not only did I not go on these toll roads, but I had no clue as to where they even were," said Aronson.

He started noticing the charges on his SunPass account, which he’s been replenishing every time it gets below $10.

"I clicked on one of them, and in one second I knew what the issue was. The license plate they showed there was not mine. It was very similar, but not mine," said Aronson.

He’s a big fan of 1960s rock band The Doors, and his license plate reflects that. But the plate seen going through SunPass tolls is nearly identical to his, except has one less zero.

"I’ve probably spoken to 15 different people from SunPass, all customer service people, a Congressman, and no one seems to be able to get this resolved," Aronson said. "It’s become a bit go a nightmare and it’s just as aggravating as can be."

WPTV reached out to the Department of Transportation about his issue and were told someone would contact the customer directly.

"Only because you got involved, I received a phone call about 30 minutes later," said Aronson.

Aronson has been credited for $95 so far and said a SunPass analyst called him to tell him they are working on fixing the plate glitch, but it was going to take more time.

"I have no problem giving SunPass one more chance, assuming they do resolve this," said Aronson.

The Florida Department of Transportation Secretary recently announced a new Acting Director of Toll Systems has been appointed. As a result of Conduent’s system-wide failure last year, FDOT has been withholding money from the SunPass contractor along with imposing $4.6 million in penalties to date.

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