Delray Beach cyclist pushing to launch pedicab service, city put brakes on proposal

Posted at 12:04 AM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 00:07:26-04

A local cyclist is pushing for a greener way to get you around Delray Beach. The city put the brakes on his pedicab proposal, but Patrick Halliday is not giving up.

Hands on the brakes and feet on the pedals, biking is probably Halliday's favorite way to travel.

"Some people in Delray call me the bike guy," said Halliday, who is the president of the Delray Beach Bike Club.

He's also a part of the group Human Powered Delray which promotes bicycle and pedestrian mobility. Recently, Halliday got the green light to launch a pedicab service in Boca Raton.

"It's great for date nights," said Halliday explaining the unique aspects of the bicycle taxi and why it's a hit with some customers.

Halliday really wants to bring the service to his city Delray Beach. This week some city commissioners turned down the proposal due to safety concerns. The police and fire chiefs also had some concerns about pedicabs operating in heavily congested areas.

"People could be drunk and fall out of the cab. People can run into the back of the cab," said Halliday, explaining some of the concerns voiced at the city commission workshop.

Golf carts like the Downtowner already run downtown Delray. Commissioner Mitch Katz feels the pedicab is not much different.

"As far as safety there doesn’t seem to be bigger difference between a plastic pedicab and a plastic golf cart," said Katz.

Supporters say the pedicab offers a greener way to get around, it can go as fast as a golf cart, and you're always riding top down.

Kay Venet of Delray Beach just happened to be dining in Boca Raton and got a chance to enjoy the pedicab experience.

"The view, the palm trees, and everything," said Venet.

She could already see where the service would be beneficial in Delray Beach.

"Atantic Avenue," said Venet. "The parking it's just really tough and the people. It would be so much better to have something like this in Delray."

Halliday plans to keep pushing for a chance.

"I feel that's really the only way we'll ever know if this will work or not," added Halliday.

Halliday said his occupational license in Palm Beach County would allow him to do business in Delray Beach. His proposal would include a 2 million dollar liability insurance plan.