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Caffe Luna Rosa in Delray Beach pays respects to fallen service members with empty table

Posted at 11:49 AM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 23:57:45-04

A Delray Beach restaurant is paying their respects this Memorial Day.

Caffe Luna Rosa left an empty table in honor of those in the military who never made it home.
“We do this to remember the families that have to live that for the rest of their lives,” said owner Aaron Hallyburton.
Hallyburton retired from the Navy three years ago and started leaving the empty table as a silent way to honor those who fought for our freedom. 

“It’s sad a lot of people didn’t make it,” said veteran Jim Hynes. 

“I consider myself very lucky to be here every day,” added veteran Jeff Bulmer. 

The table sits with one empty chair that represents the unknown face. 

A bible sits on the table that represents faith in a higher power. 

An upside-down wide glass stands for the toast that will never happen. 

A red rose sits on the table and is for the love for the country they served, and a pile of salt sits on a bread dish representing all the tears families have cried.  

“These guys went out there, not knowing if they were going to come back just something that makes us stand out and be proud,” said Hallyburton. 

He said people seem to understand the importance of the empty table and some even said they will come back because he does this every year. 

Marine and Army veteran Bulmer said the table brings back memories, but he knows it is more than an empty seat, it is a table for all. 
“I respect it, I salute it, I shed my tears later.”

The empty table is a national tradition that started after the Vietnam War.