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Brazen thieves steal Delray Beach woman's Porsche from garage while she unloaded groceries

Nancy Jetta believes robbers spotted her leaving Publix grocery store
Posted at 3:48 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 15:59:23-04

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A Delray Beach woman said she believes bold thieves targeted her after leaving a grocery store and followed her home when they stole her car this week.

Nancy Jetta said the brazen theft occurred while she unloading her bags.

The incident was caught on her security camera Monday afternoon.

Video shows the car thieves driving a white BMW, then two of them go into her garage while she's inside her home.

In seconds, the robbers drove off with her white Porsche.

Nancy Jetta, Delray Beach woman has Porsche stolen from home
Nancy Jetta says she thinks the thieves targeted her why she shopped at a Publix grocery store.

"It's a good scam. You are bringing in groceries and come out and the car is gone," Jetta said.

She admits she was wrong to leave the garage door open and the keys in the car.

It was an opportunity, which police admit, was too good for the thieves to pass up.

Jetta believes the thieves spotted her leaving a Publix grocery store and then waited outside her house for the opportunity to strike.

Delray Beach police Sgt. Casey Kelly
Delray Beach police Sgt. Casey Kelly shares his thoughts on the brazen theft.

"We won't rule anything out. I know that the victim believes she may have been targeted from the grocery store, and we won't discredit that," Delray Beach police Sgt. Casey Kelly said. "We can't say that is the case or isn't the case, but we know that there is a crime trend of vehicles being left unlocked."

Jetta said she has heard about others being targeted in a similar fashion.

"In one neighborhood it happened to two people that were also unloading groceries, and when they came back outside the car was gone," Jetta said.

Her car was later found undamaged in Miami and returned to her.

"I'm going to just be much more observant of my surroundings," Jetta said.