75-year-old woman ambushed and robbed in Delray Beach talks, offers advice to other women

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 20:02:22-05
A 75-year-old woman ambushed and robbed in the parking lot of a Walmart in Delray Beach is concerned the thieves could strike again. Delray Beach police are still working to identify and arrest the people who robbed three women recently. 
Elizabeth Salomon is determined to celebrate her independence at 75-years-old, even though just days ago a thief targeted and robbed her right outside of her car.
"They could have pushed me down and I could have gotten hurt," said Salomon. 
Salomon is one of three women ambushed and robbed in Delray Beach recently. She was putting away her purse in the trunk after shopping at the Walmart on South Military Trail and admits the thieves caught her off guard.
"It was kind of on my fingers to put it down and at that point it was snatched and by the time I turned around thinking to myself, what the heck just happened here," added Salomon.
Salomon says the thief jumped back into a maroon colored SUV and sped off. The car description matches the get-away car in two thefts at Publix Supermarkets in Boca Raton last week.
"I have never expected it. Delray is supposed to be a pretty safe neighborhood," she said. 
Salomon is just grateful she was not beaten like the one woman robbed at a gas station on Tuesday. Until these people are behind bars, she say she's worried for other women. 
"It's going to happen around the corner from my house again, so it really does bother me and it could happen to me again," said Salomon. 
Salomon says the thieves only got away with $20, a pair of glasses, and her medication, but it taught her what made her a target. 
"There is really no reason to carry a big bag and carry it in the stores," added Salomon.
Delray Beach Police are reviewing surveillance video to find and arrest the thieves. They also believe the robbery is connected to two other recent ones, including one where a woman was beaten for her cell phone. Salomon said she's lucky she did not get hurt and knows not to carry a bag from now on. 
"I didn't retire to have myself beaten up for a pocketbook," she said.