Toddler recovering from near-drowning in pool

Posted at 10:47 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 23:19:25-04

A two-year-old boy is recovering at Bethesda Hospital after a near-drowning in a family pool. Boynton Beach Police say the toddler is going to be okay.

The child's uncle says he thought he lost his nephew Monday when he found the boy face down in the pool at his Boynton Beach home on Southwest 13th avenue.

"I think he died when I took him. He wasn't heavy, his stomach is like big and when I pushed down the water came down, then I see he is moving his body. If he's moving his body, he is still alive," said Wilfrid Camille, the toddler's uncle.

Camille says the child starting coughing and throwing up. He asked someone to call 911. He says the near-drowning happened quickly. Camille says the child was playing with his five-year-old and an older child. He says the older child opened the home's back sliding door which leads to an underground pool that is several feet deep.

"I told him two times, please don't open the door. You can see the door is not easy to open," said Camille.

The heavy sliding door has always served as a barrier to keep the kids from getting to the pool. The experience has made him realize the need for a second obstacle. He's looking into installing a 6-foot tall gate around the pool.