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Protesters gather in Boynton Beach over George Floyd's death

Take moment of silence on top of I-95 overpass
Posted at 6:57 PM, Jun 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-14 11:13:43-04

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — Protesters gathered in Boynton Beach Saturday over the death of George Floyd and to celebrate each other in what they're calling a tough time.

Floyd died while in Minneapolis Police custody.

Four officers are now facing charges in his death.

"I think our generation is starting to see like we want change," said Joshua Olmann, protester. "We want real change. Something that can last more than just a social media post."

Saturday's protest began at the corner of Gateway and Congress and ended at Sara Sims Park.

Olmann said the country needs to focus on unity.

"Seeing a man kind of, gasp for breath calling out for his mother, it's like crazy to me that people will start going to statistics," said Olmann. "Just lament and cry that the fact that a human being that was made in the image of God is now dead."

During the middle of Saturday's march, protesters held a moment of silence on top of the I95 overpass for eight minutes and 49 seconds.

"We have a rainbow of people," said Rae Whitely, organizer. "They're saying we see you. This is a we see it moment. So now that we do see it, how do we change together? And I'm optimistic about that."

Several chants saying "No Justice, No Peace," were shouted.

Many protesters said they want to see more accountability.

"America is always known for being the land of liberty," said Olmann. "We always want to be free. We always kind of want to show that. But we don't really live right behind what we say so now we're just telling America to hold up what you was true on paper."