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Parents fight for kids to play Little League in West Boynton

Posted at 3:42 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 04:28:30-04

A Little League battle is brewing in West Boynton Beach. A group of parents is fighting to get their kids back into the league in their neighborhood.

The Canyons in Boynton Beach has had dozens of children play in the West Boynton Little League. Logan Pepe played in the league for the past seven years. His favorite part was playing with his classmates from school. But Logan didn’t get to play this past season.

“No baseball this year, it has been a little bit rough or us,” said Jon Pepe, Logan’s father.

Pepe said the West Boynton Little League enforced the boundaries this past year, and the Canyons neighborhood is in the East Boynton Little League. “Unfortunately, we had to sit out little league last year,” said Scott Hodes.

Mac Calloway said his two boys also had to sit out: “It wasn’t physically possible to even do it.

The parents say one the biggest problems for them was getting from West Boynton to East Boynton for practices and games.

"We would have situations where he would finish his soccer game, change his uniform and walk across the park, so he could play both,” said Hodes. Now his son can only play soccer or baseball.

“Driving 30 minutes in rush-hour to another field is not an option for us,” said Pepe.

The group has asked the two leagues to look at changing the boundaries. Currently anyone south of Boynton Beach Boulevard cannot play in the west league.

Pepe said so far they feel like the league is ignoring them and it’s the kids who are suffering. “The reality of it is it’s about the kids playing baseball and playing outdoors,” he said.

WPTV did reach out to the West and East Boynton Little Leagues, as well as the Little League International. The president for the west league said the league won’t change the boundary because the east league needs the children from the Canyons; about 80 played two years ago.

Little League International issued the statement below:

Little League International is aware of the matter involving East Boynton Beach Little League and West Boynton Beach Little League, and we will continue to work through appropriate regional and local officials to provide support and work with families and volunteers on a positive resolution to provide current and future Little League opportunities for all in the community.