Local Muslim leaders say threats during Ramadan more reason to bring community together

Posted at 11:50 PM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 23:50:36-04

Threats of more attacks during the holy month of Ramadan has concerned many in the local Muslim community. A Ramadan sharing event Wednesday brought together people of all faiths to put misconceptions of the Islamic faith to rest. 

The Al-Amin Center of Florida opened its doors to all. Now more than ever the head of the Center Imam Syed Iqbal believes it's important to show people what Ramadan is. 

"The religion overall has been hijacked by a few people who claim to be Islamic and at this time it is very essential for all communities to come together and let people have access to see and meet us," said Imam Syed Iqbal.

Dozens of Muslims broke their fasts and prayed with members of the community to show them the peace and haromy Ramadan promotes. Imam Iqbal says terror going on in our country and around the would during Ramadan is alarming. 

"Any atrocity that happens in the month of Ramadan has multiple effects. Just like a good deed is multiplied many times, indeed a bad deed is also multiplied many times," said Imam Iqbal. 

Ramadan is about sharing with your neighbor and fasting to pur yourself in the shoes of those less fortunate. Tammy Ayon from Emerge USA is helping the Al-Amin Center educated the community about the Islamic faith.

"It's important for the Muslim community to become civically active to build bridges and combat the Islamic-Phobic rhetoric that you see on television constantly that you're hearing from candidates during the poltiical cycle," said Ayon.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg was part of the Ramadan sharing along with other local politicians and head of churches outside of the Muslim faith. He believes interfaith events like this one are a step in the right direction. 

"That's when our community gets stronger and safer is when we stop talking, when you have a ignorance and fear then you have problems," said Aronberg. 

Ramadan is almost over .Why terrorists are threatening more attacks during this time is baffling to Imam Iqbal. He says it is ironic to the Muslim community.

"Holy it is for those who consider it to be holy and those who consider it to be holy do not really kill people around," added the Imam.