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Good Samaritan twin sister, mother killed helping crash victim

Posted at 10:38 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 06:28:07-05

A local mother and a twin sister is dead after trying to help another driver who had just been in an accident.

The twins decided to help, to pay it forward, after an off-duty police officer had helped them out months ago when they had a flat tire.

Twins, Markwonda and Marcasia Crenshaw, 25, were with their two young kids near Titusville headed south on Interstate 95 around 10:30 Sunday night. On the left side of the highway, they saw a truck smoking with its airbags out-the result of an earlier crash. They were driving from Jacksonville, where their mom and sister lived, back home to Boynton Beach.

“He said he was fine, he just gave us a hug. Because we stopped. Nobody else would,” Markwonda said over the phone. 

They stopped because months ago, when headed to Jacksonville, they got a flat tire and needed help but it wasn’t coming.

“We were getting discouraged,” Markwonda remembered. 

But finally, an off-duty police officer pulled over.

“He said I see you guys and I had to turn around. I seen you guys and I had to help you. I needed to help you. And from that day forth, he changed our lives. He made us look at life at a different perspective,” Markwonda remembers.

The two rarely apart. Markwonda only a minute younger.

“Maybe he didn’t see us … but he had to see us.”

The twins went in opposite directions. A pickup truck headed right for them. 

“I was looking for her and I was like ‘KK, you all right? Where you at? You okay?’ I didn’t think to look on the ground to see my sister’s body on the floor.”

Only Markwonda lived to talk about it.

“I want everyone to know that she was really a loving and caring person,” she about her sister. 

As of Monday night, the family was still in Brevard County. They hope to come back to Palm Beach County on Tuesday to start the funeral planning process.

The crash remains under investigation.